We are proud to present... the Playback app! 🎉

With the launch of v1.0.0, we are officially out of the beta phase of development when it comes to the software accompanying your Operator device. When it was first developed back in 2020-2021, we were heavily pressed by time to have everything working right before products reached clients. As a result, we focused more on functionality rather than aesthetics or a particular branding. And without a specific direction in mind, everyone referred to it with simpler terms such as 'the Operator app' or 'the app'. 

As months went on and we kept adding more features and receiving feedback from clients all over the world, our thoughts kept circling back to the visual and overall identity of the app. So, as we prepared v1.0.0, the timing finally felt right - to mark the beginning of this next phase of development, we decided to give the app a complete design overhaul and introduce it to the world by a new name: Playback. The most eagle-eyed amongst you might have already noticed it on our website, in our latest app update or in articles on this Support platform. 

On the surface, it may seem inconsequential - after all, some will still refer to it as 'the app' regardless of how it's titled and even a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. But one of the advantages that led to our decision was creating a distinct separation when discussing hardware and software. Since everything was named 'Operator', there have been instances of confusion when communicating with users. This change provides clarity and ease-of-reference. More than that, it brings a sense of cohesiveness and strong, specific identity which is something that both the team and the larger community can appreciate. 

You might also be wondering - why 'Playback'? This term is generally used in the audio sphere, defined as the reproduction of previously recorded sounds. For us, it emerged as the clear winner in several brainstorming sessions along the way. With our app, not only are you "playing back" your old favorite games, but also enjoying a close reproduction of the previous original console experience. At least, as close as we can possibly get it without travelling back in time to invent the console ourselves.

We hope that you will continue supporting Epilogue, the Operator devices and the Playback app as we move forward with our plans for the future, which can be resumed in one word - progress. Thank you for your continued support as we grow, change and become a well-established, well-defined company in service of our clients.

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