v1.0.0 - A quick peek behind the scene of this update

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience over the past few months especially. I have been tirelessly working to enhance your experience with the Playback app while at the same time developing the next Operator product. I am immensely proud of the redesign implemented and genuinely hope that you will resonate with this visual direction. High-quality work has been a must ever since we began Epilogue and I hope it is reflected in the new updates.

As it stands, the v1.0.0 release is not yet publicly available, but is instead accessible via our Nightly builds. This marks our personal milestone of exiting the “Beta” version of the initial app and officially introducing it to the world as the Playback app. We acknowledge there may be some bugs present, but rest assured I am actively working to rectify these in the following days, based on the community’s feedback and our own findings. For those interested in trying it out, please feel free to download it on our website. We're maintaining a high development speed, so you can expect around 3-5 updates daily.

To provide a brief overview of the latest build, we've essentially re-engineered the application from scratch and given it a fresh new look. This update also lays the groundwork for the upcoming SN Operator, currently in development and compatible with the Nightly build. For those who'd like to participate in testing before the official release, we welcome your input. Should the application crash, we receive a crash report, enabling us to rectify the issue swiftly.

Regarding the v8 firmware: at launch, we encountered stability issues on some units, prompting us to halt the release in order to enhance our systems and avoid disruption across our fleet of units. We did not want to send out something that did not meet our standards.

The redesign and re-engineering wasn't limited to the Playback app. We've also undertaken significant changes on the GB Operator side, developing a new system to significantly enhance stability and the overall user experience. These improvements range from cryptographic processes to read/write operations and more.

Presently, we are integrating a new update system for the firmware into the Nightly builds. Our aim is to release v9 (now referred to as v9.0.0 in line with our new version management system) for the GB Operator via Nightly builds early next week. The v9.0.0 firmware, which includes all v8 features and more, has undergone rigorous testing, and I'll elaborate further on these updates in the changelog on our Support platform.

In conclusion, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who encouraged us, tested the Nightly builds, or submitted crash reports. Your continued support is invaluable. For those who have purchased a GB Operator, I sincerely hope this new release enriches your experience, allowing you to relive and enjoy your childhood games in a much improved way. We're excited to move forward with the SN Operator product launch, keyboard rebinding, cheat support, bootleg rewriting compatibility, GB Camera extended support and any other interesting ideas we encounter along this journey. Thank you for being with us every step of the way.

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