How to connect your GB Operator to your Steam Deck

The GB Operator is fully compatible with the Steam Deck, making your favorite Game Boy games portable once again, with a modern twist! To connect the GB Operator all you have to do is:

  • Long press the Steam Deck's power button and click on "Switch to Desktop".

  • Make sure to download or update to the latest version of the Epilogue Playback app for Linux from our website using a browser of your choice.

  • Now we have to make sure SteamOS has permissions to use our device. To do so, tap the Steam Deck icon on toolbar and go to System>Konsole. Here we will have to run 2 commands.

  • For the first command, you have to type the text: sudo usermod -a -G uucp deck in the console terminal and then press Enter. You can do this either by connecting a physical keyboard or by opening up the on-screen keyboard by pressing the Steam + X buttons at the same time.

  • Type sudo reboot and press enter to run the second command which will restart your Steam Deck.
  • If the Konsole requests a password for your Steam Deck, you must set it first. You can set it by typing the following command: passwd After running this command you will be asked to type your password twice, make sure you remember it.
  • Double click the Playback app icon, connect your device and enjoy!

Rumble and Steam Deck controls are also fully supported.




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