How to integrate a custom BIOS

For all the nostalgic souls out there that want to closely recreate the experience of using a handheld console or would like to see their own personalised intro before launching a game to play, the Epilogue Operator Software offers you the possibility of adding a BIOS in order to enhance your experience. Below you will find instructions on how to do this.

First, make sure the option to use BIOS is marked as Enabled in Settings>Emulator Settings>System>Use BIOS File if Found (Restart). Then, the BIOS files must be saved or copied to the App Data folder, which should have the file path below according to your preferred OS.


"~/Library/Application Support//Epilogue/Playback"



Linux (one of the following, depending on the distro):


Make sure the names of the BIOS files match for each system as follows:

  • "gb_bios.bin" for Game Boy;
  • "gbc_bios.bin" for Game Boy Color;
  • "gba_bios.bin" for Game Boy Advance;
  • "sgb_bios.bin" for Super Game Boy.

Re-launch your game and enjoy the intro! (P.S. We personally recommend short intros, not the equivalent of a full-length movie)

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