v0.8.3 (upcoming release)

Note: These are the release notes for the nightly build, which is a release not publicly released, but under development. The release notes will be updated periodically as we keep improving the Operator software.


As always, we'd like to thank the community for submitting requests to our support team. This release focuses on controllers and keyboard controls. Adding more support for an additional 180 types of controllers out of the box, and improving the rebinding systems.


Operator software:

  • Gamepad rebinding: fixed an issue when rebinding a controller that has analog buttons would trigger the binding sequence for other buttons as well, making it impossible to rebind your controller. Tested with previously not working 8BitDo SN30 (model 80BA)
  • Save data: added the feature to preserve the current RTC values on the save file that is being downloaded from your cartridge.
  • Playing: added RTC support for GB/GBC in the emulator, working even when the game is being fast forwarded. You will are able to fast-forward in the game, then continue on your original hardware.
  • Automatic backups: Now the emulator makes backups of your saves also before writing to the cartridge. So that, in the situation in which the emulator, for whatever reason crashes, or the device disconnects. You can manually upload it back, without losing your progress.


GB Operator:

  • Faster bootleg rewriting: 4 times faster chip erasing implemented for most bootlegs


Game Save Type Auto-detection Updates:

There were reports of the cartridges below experiencing issues with the 'Upload Save' feature. With this release, users are now able to download/upload saves seamlessly.

  • NES Classics - Castlevania


Preservation efforts

Due to the amount different archivists that submit video game data to databases, there are instances in which the archives they create don't have the most accurate data. We use these databases in order to provide you integrity checks, however sometimes our community discovers wrong submissions.

Here we list the games which had wrong checksums and have now been corrected thanks to community contributions.

  • Minna no Soft Series - Tetris Advance (added both an additional revision of the game)
  • NES Classics - Castlevania (added an additional checksum to the database)
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