Why is my rewritable cart not saving properly?

You’ve uploaded a new game to your cart, played it for a few hours and came back later only to find that your progress was lost. Sound familiar? If so, then this article is for you. 


There are 3 main reasons why the GB Operator is blocked from properly loading the save off of your rewritable cartridge:

1. The battery has been depleted or is missing.
In this case, a new battery needs to be installed. Be sure to check our article on how to properly measure your cart battery. Order and install a replacement then resume your game.

2a. For GB/GBC: The MBC the game was originally designed for is incompatible with the actual MBC found on the PCB.

For more info regarding GB/GBC/GBA memory check out our article here.


2b. For GBA: The saves generated by the uploaded game and the save memory found inside the cart are incompatible.
Each GBA game is designed to save for a specific type of memory. Most bootleg PCBs feature SRAM-type memory due to its cheap price. Bootleggers may also patch EEPROM games to generate SRAM saves, which will make saving function on an original GBA, but not on the GB Operator which cannot be "fooled".

3. The cart is not fully supported.
In this case, you can send photos of the PCB found inside your cart to support@epilogue.co and we will work on improving compatibility.

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