Quick guide to safely buying retro games online

Buying retro games online is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you’re going to get. Hunting for deals is a fun process but sometimes can also have less desirable results. We'd like to suggest a few extra measures you can take to eliminate some of the risks involved in purchasing retro games online.

1. Buy from a reputable seller.

Research the seller’s score/credit/reputation/rating on the website you are buying from to see if they have previously engaged in fraudulent behaviour. Check reviews from previous buyers and contact the seller directly to request more information - they should have an open and welcoming attitude, willing to answer your questions without hesitation.

2. Check photos of the PCB (printed circuit board) found inside the cart or ask the seller to provide them.

You can then compare with online photos of the circuit board of a proven original copy of the game you want to buy. This is one method to verify the authenticity of a game, you can find others in our guide for spotting unofficial games (available here).

3. Be realistic.

Official games in pristine condition usually come with a hefty price tag attached, especially if they still have the original box and accessories. If the price for what is being offered sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

4. Purchase from a trustworthy website.

Even if you followed all the previous steps, there’s still a slight chance that the seller sends you something completely different from what you had previously discussed and it does not meet your expectations. In this case, if the matter cannot be solved directly with the seller, you need to involve the website on which the transaction took place. The very least you could do is request a refund from the platform directly, try cancelling or reversing the transaction through your bank and reporting the seller to the website for fraud, before leaving a public review on their profile explaining the situation in order to prevent other customers from going through the same situation.

All in all, if you keep in mind the steps above, we believe purchasing retro games online can be a pleasant experience and a great way to expand your collection. Happy hunting!


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