Finding a missing parcel that shows as delivered

Most parcels arrive on time, but, sometimes, the tracking may show as "delivered" and you don't have your parcel.

If the tracking for your parcel shows it as delivered but you haven't received it, you should:

Check if someone else at your address has accepted it.
Look around the delivery location. Your parcel may have been left with a neighbor or in a safe place like a porch or garage.

Look for a notification of attempted delivery.
You may find an attempted delivery notice in your letter box or on your door. Follow the instructions on that notice to request redelivery or to arrange pickup of the parcel.

Contact the carrier
Once packages leave our warehouse we have no more information than you do with the tracking code, however, the carrier might be able to provide you with additional information about the delivery. Ask the carrier if they have additional information about the parcel's location. To find contact information about your carrier go to the tracking page, and search under "contact". Make sure to have your tracking number or delivery confirmation number when contacting carriers.


If you have followed these steps and are still unable to locate your parcel, the next course of action would be to contact our support team for further assistance. Please reach out to and provide them with your delivery address, the tracking number, and any exchange of emails or conversations you have had with the carrier. This information will be crucial for us to investigate and assist you effectively. We understand the frustration that comes with such situations and will do our best to resolve the issue promptly.

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