Orders set for delivery in March are rescheduled for June 2022

Orders placed on and after December 26th, 2021 were initially scheduled for delivery in March. These orders now have an estimated delivery date of June.

Hello and thank you for reading this important announcement. Like many times before, we continue to keep our promise and have transparent communication with clients. There will be a delay affecting orders placed on and after December 26th, due to an issue related to the plastic case of the GB Operator. 

Multiple shipments of plastic cases this year have arrived heavily damaged during shipping, which meant they did not pass our quality control process. After trying repeatedly to appeal to the supplier and find a solution, the failure on the supplier's part to ensure better case quality and protection during transit has forced us to make a decision which results in this delay.


Comparison of the plastic case as envisioned vs. one of many damaged during transit. More proof attached below.

We are currently in the process of transferring the mould for the plastic case here, in Bucharest, and produce the cases for GB Operator and all future products locally. This eliminates the possibility of cases being damaged during shipping, as well as allows us much better control over the plastic injection process and overall quality. Even more important, we will be able to create our own custom polymer which will result in better cases with better properties. And as an added benefit, with this move we will be supporting local manufacturers and jobs in this industry.

The downside to all this is that it takes time for the steel mould to be delivered, and then have everything set up in the local factory. This is why we have chosen to reschedule deliveries until June 2022, to make sure we have enough time for this transition. Although a delay is unpleasant for everyone, our team included, we believe it is the right choice and will lead to an even higher build quality.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you need to change the shipping address, make a request or cancel your order, please e-mail us at support@epilogue.co and someone will assist you there.

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