How can I add support for an unsupported controller?

We're continuously improving support for controllers. At the moment, most wired/wireless controllers that you can connect to your computer are also recognised in our Playback app. However, if you experience an issue, we can most likely add support for your controllers for the next update or patch if you can provide us with your custom configuration.

Until we build our own tool, you can do so by using the SDL2 Gamepad Tool.
Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Connect the gameapad to a computer
  2. Launch the app. If you connected multiple gamepads select the one you want to use in a dropdown
  3. If the app displays that mapping is available go to step 5
  4. If mapping is not available or available but you would like to change it press "Make New Mapping" and follow the instructions. Go step 3
  5. Click the button "Copy Mapping String" and send us the string by sending it via email to

Thank you in advance for sending us your mapping string and helping us improve controller support in the Playback app!


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