v0.7.1-beta (released)

We just released a patch for v0.7-beta! It's currently out for Windows and Mac OS and currently compiling for Linux as well, so it should be up by the end of the day.

You can download it from https://www.epilogue.co/downloads

Being a patch and not a major release like the ones in the past, we have fewer new features than usual. Here's the list:

  • Performance and stability improvements related to the emulator.

  • (BUGGY) Rudimentary full-screen support by pressing the "F" key on the keyboard in the emulator.

  • Detection of boot-locked devices and support for remote unlocking.

  • Ability to pause emulation by pressing the "P" key on the keyboard in the emulator.

  • Added cartridge information to the database of 5 GBA and GBC titles.

  • Integrity check failing will no longer abort downloading the game to your computer.

  • Added save support for Boktai : The Sun is in Your Hand

We've decided to include the rudimentary full-screen feature even if it's not properly tested on different hardware configurations as it's better than not having the feature at all. If you find bugs or issues with it, you can report them to support@epilogue.co as that would help us make it better.

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