v0.8-beta Planned Features

As we're finishing sending the batch of units from August, we're getting back to developing new products and improving our existing ones.

For the v0.8-beta release we have planned to work on the emulator the most in order to bring a better experience while playing.

We try to watch and read all the reviews people are making about our devices and we've seen that a lot of them mention the bright LED. We're going to let you power it off in this update.

In addition to this we've received reports of some rewritable cartridges that are not properly recognised and we're going to add support for them.


v0.8 features (releases September/October)

  • Emulator
    • Borderless full-screen support
    • Volume control
    • Play/pause buttons
    • Software reset
    • Fast-forwarding
  • Device
    • LED controls (on/off)
  • Cartridges
    • Improve bootleg/counterfeit detection
    • Add cartridge artwork and descriptions submitted by users

  • Miscellaneous
    • MacOS 10.15 support
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