v0.6-beta (released)

I've been working hard this week on improving the Playback app, I still have a long road ahead of improvements I plan to add, but it's nice to see that everyone is reporting that the framerate issues are gone.
It's now available on: https://www.epilogue.co/downloads
This is what I have added in v0.6-beta:
  • Add support for 12 new bootleg cartridge types (now being detected and rewritable)
  • Massive improvements to the multithreaded emulator environment
  • Re-written audio engine from scratch (fixing distorted audio)
  • Improvements to audio resampling
  • Implement dynamic rate control for audio (inspired from byuu's work but changed to fit our needs)
  • Emulator can now run in the background, as requested by many people on Twitch (to leave the in-game music playing)
  • Added interframe blending in order to simulate LCD ghosting effects used on GB/GBC/GBA
  • Activate save download / upload on bootleg cartridges, as it worked for all my carts (that have batteries)
  • Integrity checks failing now trigger a message box on launching the emulator
  • Integrity checks failing now trigger a message box when downloading a game
  • Text in "Photos" tab now displaying properly on all OSes
  • Fix issue in network updating system timings
  • Fix emulator crashing when the game was not properly read (white screen or full application crash)
  • Fixed Link's Awakening, Perfect Dark and The Little Mermaid II: Pinball Frenzy issue while launching the emulator.
  • Overall improvements to application performance, bootleg detection and composition logic

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