How does the Playback software integrate emulators?

The Playback software is capable of integrating multiple emulator cores, allowing you to use the emulator cores we provide in the software, or if you'd like replace them with others.

The technology behind the emulator system is called libretro, a cross-platform API that unifies how emulators communicate. 

Our software creates a cross-platform "libretro frontend" using the libretro API and includes state-of-the art emulation cores. We do not write our own emulators but we support their developers and develop the integration while keeping in contact with them.

Thanks to the projects below you get to enjoy highly performant emulation with great support and an active community behind them. We are profoundly grateful for their passion and dedication to the retro gaming scene.

You can read more about the open-source licenses being used in the "Licenses" page in the Playback software.

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