How can I change a core in the Operator software?

As described in this article, the Operator software implements a libretro API frontend implementation written by us.

The API allows you to not only use the emulators that we provide with our software, but also allows you to use your favorite emulator core integrated in our software.

We can't support all emulators out there and we focus testing and development on state-of-the-art emulators that we consider offer you the best experience.

In the case in which you might use other emulators you can encounter bugs, we will try to support you the best we can if you face these issues.

You can also compile your own emulators and use them directly in the Operator software. For the ones we offer you can view the repository forks on our Github page.

In order to change a core in the Operator software, you need to follow these steps:

On MacOS

Open a terminal window and type:

 open ~/Library/Application\ Support/Epilogue/Epilogue\ Operator/cores

You can replace the cores there with your own.

On Windows

Open explorer.exe, and type in the address bar:

%appdata%\Epilogue\Epilogue Operator\cores

You can replace the cores there with your own

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