How can I add a game to the database?

So, you inserted a cartridge into your Operator and instead of seeing its artwork, there is a big question mark staring back at you. It might be a regional version of your favorite game or an indie, less well-known title. Maybe you are an independent game developer and would like to add your game details to our database and have it recognised whenever connected. 

Follow the steps below to contact us and help improve our game database by providing us with the game info. 

  1. Send an e-mail to to open a ticket about the missing game info.
  2. Include in your e-mail the following game information (as much as you can, we will also do our own research):
    • Artwork (front cover and, if available, back cover);
    • Title;
    • Description;
    • Release year;
    • Console compatibility (what kind of device is it played on?);
    • Developer.
  3. Our team will take care of adding the game to our database so that it is recognised by Operators in the future.

It is important to us to complete the database as we move along and your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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