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Hi there and thank you for showing interest in being a part of our team!

We're constantly looking to grow with the help of like-minded people. While 2021 marks the beginning and first launch of official Epilogue products, this milestone comes as a result of years of experience behind-the-scenes. We created Epilogue to bring together our love for everything retro-gaming related and our desire to develop consumer electronics. 

Working with us you'll find that your creativity is encouraged and nourished, in an environment hungry for ideas. Within our team you'll quickly see the effects of all changes and decisions, as well as learn as much as you want about electronics, product development, software development or even the business side of things because of our transparent approach. We don't keep knowledge to ourselves, but instead share it with anyone interested on the entire team, no matter the job title.

Our guiding star is the motto "No Compromises" which means that we do not accept any compromises regarding the quality of our products or the quality of our client's experience. Cutting corners at any point in time is completely out of the question. 

If after reading all this you think that the Epilogue team is a good fit, please send an e-mail to We don't require any formalities such as a cover letter, a CV (although if you have one, feel free to send it) or a certain number of recommendations or years of experience. However, we are looking for people that are genuinely passionate about retro-gaming, believe in the power of hard work and have a growth mindset. If you are someone that is looking to contribute to the best of your abilities and if something in you deeply resonates with our mission of preserving video game history, write in an e-mail why you would like to work at Epilogue, about relevant previous experience and what skills you could bring to the table. We'd love to hear from you. 

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