Pre-orders are closed!

UPDATE 4: Due to the ongoing global shortage of components (specifically, semiconductors) and reduced factory and transportation capabilities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, shipments have been delayed. As a result, we have decided to ship pre-orders on May 30, 2021. An e-mail has been sent to everyone who placed a pre-order and you can also find out more info on this by clicking here. We apologise for the situation and the inconvenience caused and thank you kindly for your patience. This is to make sure that the product we send out offers you the experience we envisioned from the start.

UPDATE 3: Pre-orders are now closed. Our stock limit has been reached and we are hard at work preparing everyone's units. Shipping will happen in April 2021, and placing new orders will be available in April 2021 as well, updates will be posted on our website, newsletter and Instagram. We are available at should you need any assistance. Our team is deeply grateful for your support. Thank you.

UPDATE 2: Since this is our first session of pre-orders, we want to show our appreciation to those who support and bought the GB Operator. As a "thank you", we've decided to make all pre-orders a special Founder's Edition. This means the packaging will have a unique, limited edition design but the product and software will be identical across order sessions, no differences elsewhere except for the packaging itself.

UPDATE 1: Pre-orders are open starting on Jan. 30, 9 AM PST, available while the initial stock lasts. Units ship in April 2021. You can place an order by going to our website and clicking on "pre-order now", choosing your preferred method of payment and completing the checkout process.

A confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent to you shortly after. If you encounter any issues, let us know by e-mailing


Thank you for your interest in the GB Operator! At the moment of writing this announcement, we are adding some finishing touches to everything before opening pre-orders. 

We plan to start pre-orders sometime in the last week of January 2021 and they will be available as long as our initial stock lasts. Our self-imposed deadline to ship all pre-orders is 2 months at most after pre-orders are closed. Might happen earlier, but we try to not overcommit. 

Anything related to the pre-orders will be posted on our website, our newsletter and our Instagram profile. Interact with us on any of those to stay up to date.

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