Shipping Policy

How can I track my order?

After your order has been picked up by the shipping carrier, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided during checkout, containing your unique package tracking number and a link where you can follow it's journey. 

Which countries do you ship to?

Customers in the USA and Canda, we've enhanced our delivery process by partnering with a USA based warehouse, a fulfillment solution knows for its speed, efficiency and reliability. When you make a purchase, your order is packaged and dispatched from the fulfillment center. This partnership ensures that your products are delivered promptly while keeping the delivery time to a minimum.

If you're ordering from Europe, all of our orders are shipped from our office in Romania and at checkout you have a few third party carriers to chose from such as Packeta which delivers only to European customers or DHL which has a wider reach. 

All other orders which are sent to regions besides the ones mentioned above are also sent from the Romanian office through our third party carriers.

We currently do not ship to Brazil or China

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated for you at checkout and displayed clearly there. This depends on the shipping carrier you choose and is calculated automatically. 

Do I have any additional customs payments so my order can enter my country?

In the cases of some countries, there are additional payments involved that are the responsibility of the customer, in order for the package to be delivered to its destination. If you are unsure if this is your case or not, please contact your nearest customs office or the shipping carrier and inquire about your situation. They are able to help and provide more information on this. IMPORTANT: If the order is returned to us because you could not be contacted to successfully pay customs and import taxes, the costs of return and the initial shipping costs are non-refundable.

My package hasn't arrived yet/is delayed. What can I do?

If your package is significantly delayed, first check its status on the tracking page you have received in a previous e-mail and check if the customs office or shipping carrier has tried to contact you already regarding your package. If not, then contact us at and we will do our best to help you receive your order as soon as possible. In order to file a lost claim, at least 30 days need to pass with no updates to the tracking page. Moreover, you need to contact us within 45 days of your package being shipped if it has been lost in transit as this is the time limit imposed by shipping carriers. If this deadline is not met by the client, unfortunately we cannot proceed with filing a lost item claim so make sure you are checking the tracking page regularly and contacting us immediately if you notice anything wrong with the delivery of your package.

When will my order ship?

Processing for products already in stock at the moment of ordering takes 1-2 working days. Your order will be given to the shipping carrier of your choice within this timeframe and, after that, shipping time will depend on your preferred shipping company.  When placing your order, the estimated shipping time will be displayed clearly during the checkout process.

Why hasn't my package arrived?

First, please check whether at the time of placing your order, the desired product is in stock or not (you can do so by viewing the product page, a notice will be posted there). This directly affects the processing time for your order. Secondly, please check the estimated shipping time provided to you in the confirmation e-mail according to the shipping carrier. If this deadline has been exceeded, contact us at Please note that in some extreme cases delays could be related to weather conditions, natural disasters or local/global events out of our control. 

My package shows as 'Delivered' on the tracking page, but I do not have it. What should I do?

For more information, please read the article on our Support platform available here.

My product was damaged upon arrival. What should I do?

Although we package every single product carefully and thoroughly and can guarantee that it left our hands in perfect condition, sometimes things happen on the way and we understand that. Please e-mail us at (attach clear photos of the condition our product arrived in) and we'll help you.

How can I change the delivery address?

If you'd like to change the delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible at with more details about the new address. Keep in mind that, if your package has already been picked up by the shipping company, we cannot change the shipping address. If delivery is unsuccessful, then you will have to wait for the package to be returned to our warehouse before being sent out again to your correct/full address. In this case, payment for a second delivery is required. Please be aware that tools such as PayPal Checkout that automatically fill out address fields may leave out important details such as the apartment number. It is the client's responsibility to check and make sure that every field is filled out correctly.

Ordering to an Army Post Office (APO) Box?

We've experienced some issues in the past with shipping to Army Post Office (APO) Boxes. Due to the specific requirements and restrictions of military mail systems, there were challenges in ensuring a timely and efficient delivery to these addresses. As such please keep in mind future problems may occur. 

Your tracking has not been updated?

Sometimes tracking codes provided by our shipping providers are not updated in a timely manner. This can lead to delays in reflecting the current status of a shipment, please keep this in mind that this issue normally is resolved automatically.

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