What is the GB Operator?

The GB Operator is a device that allows you to play your games on your Windows/Mac/Linux setup made especially for the Game Boy family. It is compatible with the entire Game Boy console family - this includes the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Micro and peripherals such as the Game Boy Camera. 

What can the GB Operator do?

It allows you to: 

  • Play your original cartridge on your computer using the in-app emulator or in any other external emulator;
  • Download existing saves to your computer and store them, with no risk of losing precious progress;
  • Upload existing or edited saves from your computer onto your cartridge;
  • Download pictures from your Game Boy Camera to your computer as PNGs;
  • Write your homebrew games to rewritable cartridges;
  • Check the legitimacy of your cartridges;
  • Do all these operations easily, through our user-friendly desktop app named 'Playback'.

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