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What consoles does the GB Operator support?

The GB Operator is compatible with the entire Game Boy console family - this includes the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Micro and peripherals such as the Game Boy Camera. 

What are the GB Operator's dimensions and physical characteristics?

The GB Operator comes in a modern, fully transparent plastic enclosure measuring (WHL) 35x32x90mm. The PCB inside is matte black, with golden accents. It also has a custom matte black rubber pad on the bottom, to prevent it from shifting position. (Pro-tip: when not in use, the device can also act as a stand to artfully display your favourite game cartridge.)

How does the GB Operator work? What Operating Systems is it compatible with?

It uses a USB-C to USB-A cable to communicate with your computer, through our intuitive desktop app. The desktop app is will soon be available for Windows and Mac OS and will be available for download on our website.

How can I properly take care of my GB Operator?

Please refer to this article for detailed information.

Can I use the GB Operator straight out of the box? What is included in the package?

Short answer: yes! You can use your GB Operator as soon as it arrives, provided that you have already downloaded the latest version of our desktop app (and if you haven't yet, no worries - it will be available soon on our website and you can get it there.) It's as simple as connecting one end of the USB cable to the GB Operator and the other end to a USB port in your computer. All that's left to do is to put in your game cartridge and done!

Your GB Operator order package includes a couple of flyers with info to get you started with our product, the GB Operator device itself and a USB-C to USB-A cable. 

Does the GB Operator's USB-C connection provide HDMI output?

No, the GB Operator does not output via HDMI.

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