Does the GB Operator offer support for flashcart rewriting?

Yes! We do support flashcart (reproduction cart) writing. Although there are a lot of different versions we made an effort to support the most common ones.

The GB Operator can automatically detect the chips used inside the flashcart and will flash it accordingly. 

However, playing the flashcarts will not always work. This is because bootleg games are usually modified by the manufacturer and the saving mechanism is made different from the standard behaviour which may result in some saving issues. 

In case your flashcart can't be rewritten or is not recognized, please contact us by e-mailing and we'll look into adding support for it. Before that, please make sure to read the following section on SD card based flashcarts.


SD card based flashcarts are not supported. This is because the actual game data is stored on the SD card, not on the chips inside it.

Due to their fundamental differences in hardware between regular flashcarts and SD card based flashcarts, at the moment we do not support playing them. Multicarts are also not currently supported.

The following SD-card flashcarts are known to not be supported:

  • EZ Flash Omega
  • EZ Flash Junior
  • Everdrive devices
  • EZF Advance Realtime Cart



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