Which MBCs are supported for Game Boy and Game Boy Color?

We support all the games for the Game Boy series (DMG/GBC/GBA) officially launched and licensed by Nintendo.

If you have any issues with your game and you consider it might not be supported, please contact our support team by e-mailing support@epilogue.co and we'll make sure to help you.

Unless specified, we support ROM reading as well as SRAM reading.

The GB Operator offers support for the following MBCs:

  • ROM only (no-MBC)
  • MBC1 (all revisions)
  • MBC2 (all revisions)
  • MBC3 (all revisions)
  • MBC30 (all revisions)
  • MBC5 (all revisions, including rumble packages)
  • MBC7 (all revisions)
  • MMM01 (present in ネットでゲット ミニゲーム@100)
  • POCKET CAMERA MBC (all revisions and regions)
  • TAMA5 (present in ゲームで発見!!たまごっち - ROM reading supported)
  • HuC1 (all revisions)
  • HuC3 (all revisions)

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