v1.2.0 (released)

We started the year with Playback v1.1.0, which brought keyboard rebinding and significant improvements to the gamepad system. As spring unfolds, we're excited to present new features and improvements to Playback. Let's dive into what's new and improved:

Playback software

  • Shader Support - Make Your Games Look Even Cooler!

    • We've added a special feature in the Emulator screen where you can choose from a variety of shaders to change how you enjoy your games. Ever wanted your game to have that nostalgic, old-school VHS tape look? Try our favourite, the "VHS" shader!
  • Cheat Support - Unlock New Possibilities in Your Games!

    • You can now use cheats in your games for extra fun! Just click the Settings menu to discover a list of cheats available. These are ready to use when your game is connected to your Operator device.
    • Fancy using your own cheats? You're in luck! You can add and use your own cheats through the menu in the Cheats section.
  • German Translations - Jetzt auf Deutsch!

    • A big thank you to Istador and CodebyCR from GitHub for improving our German translations and making them more accurate!

    • We’ve also made the translation files for Playback available as open-source, so native speakers can contribute to them. Visit the GitHub page at https://github.com/epilogue-co/playback-i18n to explore how you can help.

  • OpenGL Version Support - For a Smoother Experience Across More PCs

    • We've expanded our support to accommodate more PC configurations. This means better and more reliable shader effects for everyone.
  • ARM Linux Support - Now Available for Download

    • For our tech-savvy users who use ARM Linux, good news! Playback is now available to download for your system.
  • Graphical Enhancements - Because Every Detail Matters

    • We've squashed some bugs that affected how certain things looked in the interface, especially on some Linux distributions. Everything should now be displayed correctly.

This update is all about making your retro gaming experience better, more personalized, and accessible to everyone. Enjoy the new features and improvements, and as always, happy gaming!

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