Controller issues when rebinding

Customizing your gamepad controls to match your preferences is crucial for an optimal gaming experience.

This guide provides instructions for rebinding gamepad controls within the Playback software, applicable to a wide range of controllers, including those with mode-switching capabilities such as 8BitDo, Logitech, and others.


To use the SteamDeck, you need to change its mode to "Gamepad" from the default "Desktop" mode. To do this, long-press the menu/start button (☰) on the console. Once in "Gamepad" mode, choose "Steam Virtual Gamepad" from the Input List for it to function correctly.

Mode-Switching Controllers (8BitDo, Logitech, etc.)

Many modern gamepads, including models from 8BitDo, Logitech, and other brands, feature the ability to switch between different modes, such as DInput, XInput, and others. These modes enhance compatibility with a broad range of games and software, including Playback.

Understanding Controller Modes

  • DInput Mode (Direct Input): An older standard that offers wide compatibility, especially with legacy games and some emulation software. It's a good starting point for setting up your controller with Playback.
  • XInput Mode: Emulates the Xbox controller layout and functionality, providing seamless integration with many modern PC games.
  • Switch Mode (where applicable): Mimics a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, suitable for devices expecting Switch compatibility.
  • Keyboard Mode (some 8BitDo controllers): Mimics a traditional keyboard, associating a button with a key press.

Rebinding Controls with Mode-Switching Controllers

  1. Select the Appropriate Mode: Start by putting your controller into the mode best suited for Playback, usually DInput for broader compatibility. Consult your controller's manual for specific instructions on changing modes.
  2. Connect and Configure: With your controller in the correct mode, connect it to your PC and follow the general steps outlined above to rebind your controls within the Playback software.
  3. Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues, such as unresponsive buttons or incorrect mappings, try switching to a different mode. Some controllers and games may respond better to specific configurations.

Controller not being detected at all

If your controller is not recognized by the Playback software, it's possible that your controller model is not currently supported. To address this, you may request to have your controller added to our compatibility database. For instructions on how to submit this request, please consult the following article.

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