Connecting with the community

Our commitment to creating groundbreaking gaming experiences is deeply rooted in the insights and feedback we receive from our users. Our discussions are rich and engaging, delving into the nuances of our products, where every piece of advice, whether it's a useful tip or a fond recollection, plays a crucial role in our community's collective knowledge.


Stay Connected, Stay Updated

We keep our users in the know about the latest software updates, product launches, and exclusive offers through various channels like Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms offer behind-the-scenes peeks while encouraging our users to connect and share experiences. We highly suggest that you tag us in your posts for us to be able to share your excitement!


Valuing User Feedback

Each comment, review, and suggestion from our users is taken into account. We see your feedback as an ongoing conversation, guiding us in refining our design, enhancing functionality, and optimizing user experience. This collaborative effort was crucial in developing features like the intuitive interface and improved flash cart support.

The easiest way to send feedback is through our app, below you may find the exact steps:

1. Click the Epilogue symbol on the top left of the app and a section should appear as below:

send feedback.png

2. Click the "Send Feedback" button and you will be redirected to our support page.

3. Write and submit your feedback.


For those not yet part of this exciting journey, we warmly invite you to share your insights, discover suggestions from others, and contribute. Every bit of feedback helps in transforming creative concepts into tangible gaming experiences that resonate with nostalgia.


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