Gamepad Settings

When using our Playback app, setting up your gamepad is a breeze. Before diving into the step-by-step configuration guide, it's essential to highlight one key preliminary step: Ensure your operating system properly detects your controller. This ensures that any issues you might face aren’t due to OS-level discrepancies. 


Here’s how you can configure your gamepad seamlessly:

  1. Input Dropdown Selection: Begin by selecting your controller from the Input dropdown menu. This is your first step to ensure that the app recognizes the controller you’re using.

  2. Real-time Button Press Detection: Once you've chosen your controller, you'll notice that the buttons you press on your gamepad are reflected in real-time on the app. This feature is particularly helpful as it lets you test and ensure that every button press is captured accurately.

  3. Using Pre-configured Bindings: Our Playback app has your convenience in mind. Hence, it comes pre-loaded with bindings for most gamepads. If you're using a popular controller, chances are, we've got you covered without any extra work on your part.

  4. Rebinding Keys: Should you wish to personalize the controls or if you feel more comfortable with a different layout, hit the ‘Rebind keys’ button. Each button on this virtual console will light up one by one. As each button illuminates, press the corresponding button on your gamepad that you want mapped to it.

  5. Troubleshooting Unsupported Controllers: If you find that your controller is recognized by the app but doesn't map correctly, don't fret! We've created a comprehensive guide to assist you. Head over to our article: How Can I Add Support For an Unsupported Controller? for detailed steps and solutions.

With Epilogue's Playback app, configuring your gamepad is straightforward, ensuring that your retro gaming sessions are as immersive and enjoyable as possible. And always remember, our team at Epilogue is here to support your gaming endeavors.

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