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We understand the need for every gamer to have a seamless experience, and that's why we've added options for users to optimize their gameplay. Delving into these settings, users will find tools such as "Idle Loop Removal" and "Frameskipping." These features are especially beneficial for those using low-end hardware, though it's worth noting that boosting performance might sometimes come at the expense of visual fidelity. Let's explore how these tools can elevate your gaming sessions.

Idle Loop Removal

Think of a car idling in neutral, revving but not moving forward. Some game code operates in a similar way. These 'idle-loops' are sections where essentially nothing happens, but the CPU runs at full throttle. This can lead to unnecessary system load and, on low-end hardware, could result in poor performance. Enabling this feature optimizes idle loops, reducing system stress and ensuring the game runs smoothly. This feature is particularly recommended for users with older or less powerful hardware.


Frameskipping is all about balancing audio and visual performance. Sometimes, maintaining smooth visuals can lead to audio issues, such as buffer under-run, which presents as an annoying crackling sound.

  • Auto: This setting skips frames based on advice from the frontend. It's a dynamic solution that responds to real-time system needs.

  • Auto (Threshold): More specific than 'Auto,' this setting uses the 'Frameskip Threshold (%)' parameter. It determines the audio buffer occupancy percentage below which frames will be skipped. By increasing the percentage, users can reduce the risk of audio crackling as frames are dropped more often.

  • Fixed Interval: A more static solution, this setting omits a certain number of frames after one frame is rendered. For example, a setting of '0' maintains a smooth 60fps, '1' drops it to 30fps, '2' to 15fps, and so on.

Adjusting Frameskip Threshold and Interval

For those who like to be in the driver's seat and have control over their gaming experience:

  • Frameskip Threshold (%): Adjust this to set the specific buffer occupancy percentage at which frames should be skipped. A higher value might mean more skipped frames but ensures less audio crackling.
  • Frameskip Interval: Here, users determine the number of frames to be omitted post-rendering. It's an excellent tool for those who prioritize audio performance over visuals or vice versa.

The available performance settings, like Idle Loop Removal and Frameskip options, ensure everyone whether using the latest hardware or a beloved older system, can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

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