Tax Jurisdictions - FAQ

This article should provide some clarity on the topic of buying our product and if VAT is applied to your sale or not.

One Stop Shop Tax in the European Union

If you’re ordering from within the European Union, you’ll encounter the One Stop Shop (OSS) tax. Think of OSS as the power-up of tax payments, simplifying the VAT process into one streamlined step. It’s automatically included at the checkout, so you won’t have to jump through multiple hoops to get your hands on our products.


Sales Tax in the United States

For our friends in the United States, the sales tax landscape is a bit like a game with varied terrains. With our sales permit, we’ve got the map to navigate it. Some states require sales tax, and in these cases, it’ll be clearly itemized in your total cost at checkout. If it is not itemized at checkout then it is not currently needed.


International Clients Outside the EU and USA

To our customers from other parts of the globe, we haven’t forgotten about you. Every region has its unique set of rules, and at Epilogue, we’re committed to ensuring that every transaction is compliant with the specific tax laws of your jurisdiction but you may still need to pay customs fees once our product arrives in your jurisdiction.

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