Input & Auxiliary Devices

A fundamental aspect of the gaming experience is the authenticity of the hardware's feel, which can be tweaked through the Input & Auxiliary Devices. This page presents settings aimed at replicating the genuine GB/GBC/GBA hardware experience. Here's a detailed look into these settings:

Gamepad Rumble:

The gamepad rumble replicates the tactile feedback that certain games provided. When enabled, it offers an immersive sensation, causing the controller to vibrate in sync with in-game events. Old school players will undoubtedly recall the distinct vibratory touch of original GB/GBC games. This sensation was made possible by a rumble device embedded directly into the cartridge's PCB, a design innovation that ensured the cartridge delivered direct tactile feedback during gameplay on genuine GB/GBC consoles.

Allow Opposing Directional Input:

This setting allows players to press, quickly alternate, or hold opposing directions simultaneously, such as pressing both left and right or up and down. While this offers a unique control experience, it can lead to movement-based glitches.

Solar Sensor Level: 

The Solar Sensor is a compact mechanical device embedded on the PCB inside special cartridges, designed to detect UV radiation, such as from the sun, and relay this information to the game. This innovative mechanism simulates the ambient sunlight intensity. Games like the Boktai series leveraged this feature for unique in-game mechanics. By adjusting the Solar Sensor Level, users can emulate varying "sunlight" conditions, thus enriching the gameplay experience for titles that integrated this sensor in their cartridges.

Game Boy Player Rumble:

This rumble feature is specifically designed for GBA games. GBA games with rumble capabilities did not incorporate the vibration mechanism within the cartridge like GB/GBC titles. Instead, they depended on the Game Boy Player peripheral for the Gamecube to facilitate the tactile experience. To achieve this effect, the system utilized the Gamecube controller's vibration motor. It's essential to note that for this feature to work, the Gamepad Rumble must also be enabled.


Input & Auxiliary Device offer a blend of nostalgia and innovation, ensuring gamers get an authentic and enhanced experience. Whether you're aiming for a trip down memory lane or seeking new ways to experience old classics, these settings aim to offer an unparalleled gaming journey.

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