Failed to Load Game

The "Failed to load game" message is akin to the "Integrity check failed" notification. The core difference is that, in this case, the cartridge's read data is corrupted beyond readability.

failed to load game.png

Steps to Troubleshoot:

  1. Clean the Cartridge Pins: Ensure your cartridge pins are free of dirt or grime. Clean contacts allow for a proper connection with the GB Operator. For cleaning guidance, check our tutorial here.

  2. Inspect Cartridge Insertion: The cartridge should snugly fit into the Operator device without being too loose or requiring excessive force.

  3. Unofficial Game Issues: If you're using an unofficial game cartridge, be aware they may be more prone to data corruption. It's best to test with official games to confirm.

  4. Examine Multiple Games: If numerous official games exhibit this error, the issue might be with the GB Operator device itself. In this case, submit a Warranty Request and our team will investigate this matter.

  5. Single Game Problems: If only one or two games show this error, the cartridge could be the culprit. Even if it works on the original console, there could be hidden data corruption affecting the play on GB Operator.

When faced with the "Failed to load game" message, you can refer to the steps outlined in the Integrity Check Failed article. These steps are described in more detail there, guiding you through the troubleshooting process comprehensively.

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