The Data Tab

One of the most versatile aspects of the Playback Software is its Data Tab which serves as a control center for managing the data on your cartridges.

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Backup Game

This feature allows you to make a backup copy of the game you've inserted into your GB Operator Clicking it initiates a process that saves a copy of your game right onto your computer, ensuring that you have a digital fallback if anything ever happens to the physical cartridge.

Upload Homebrew

For those who love to experiment and code, the Upload Homebrew feature empowers you to upload self-created homebrew games onto cartridges that can be rewritten. This opens the door to not only honing your game development skills but also to exploring a diverse range of fan-created games, expanding your horizons well beyond the conventional titles.

Backup Save

Your in-game progress is precious. Backup Save lets you download the save file from your game cartridge to your computer. This way, you're never at risk of losing hours of gameplay due to a faulty or lost cartridge.

Upload Save

Found a save file you'd like to continue playing from? The Upload Save feature lets you upload that save file directly onto your game cartridge. Just click the button and choose the save file from your computer.

Photo Gallery

For those using the GB Camera or Pocket Camera, the Photo Gallery feature is of particular interest. This allows you to download your captured images at various resolutions. Moreover, you have the option to delete any photos stored on the cartridge to free up some space.

Additional Info

At the bottom of the Data Tab, you'll find:

  • Data Grid: Acts as a progress bar during upload and download operations.
  • Title: Shows the title of the game file that’s currently written on the cart.
  • Data Flow: Provides an overview of the binary data being transmitted during operations.
  • Game Data Checksum: Helps to determine the authenticity of the received data.

From backing up your cherished classics to uploading new homebrew adventures, the Data Tab in Epilogue's Playback Software offers a comprehensive suite of options that enrich the retro gaming experience. Whether you're a casual gamer or a retro photographer, these features bring an extra layer of excitement and security to your gaming world.

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