What does the LED on my Operator device indicate?

A prominent feature of our Operator devices is the embedded LED that grants you a glimpse into what's happening behind the scenes. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to help you decipher the various LED color codes and ensure a smooth gaming experience.


A white LED indicates that the Operator device is correctly connected to your PC and is currently in standby mode, meaning no operations are being executed at that moment. It's a sign of readiness and a cue that you can commence your gaming or data management activities.


When you observe a red LED light, it signifies that data is being uploaded to the game cartridge. This upload could be either a game or a save file transfer. It serves as an indicator of ongoing data transfer, informing you that your homebrew game or save file is currently being copied to the cartridge.

Green & Blue

The green and blue LED notifications are indicators of data downloading from the cartridge. A green light means a game is being backed up, helping ensure that your valuable game data is preserved. Conversely, a blue light signifies that a save file is being downloaded, a crucial step in safeguarding your progress in various games.


A purple LED is a signal that a firmware update is currently underway. During this process, it is vital not to disconnect the device to prevent any interruption in the update process. Ensuring a steady connection will help in the successful completion of the firmware update, enhancing the performance and capabilities of your Operator device.

Dealing with Abnormal LED Behavior

In the event you encounter unusual LED behaviors, it might indicate some issues that need your attention. We recommend referring to the following troubleshooting articles to address and rectify these issues effectively:

  1. Device LED rapidly flashing white: This article outlines technical steps to troubleshoot the rapidly flashing white LED issue on Epilogue's Operator device, focusing on identifying and resolving USB communication disruptions.

  2. Device LED not powering on: If your LED fails to power on, here you will be provided with comprehensive solutions to address potential power-related issues.

  3. My update failed and the device LED is purple: If you encounter a failed update with a persistent purple LED, this guide will walk you through the recovery process to get your device back up and running.


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