My update failed and the device LED is purple

The purple LED illumination on your Operator device signifies that the firmware is in the process of updating. Normally, this is a routine occurrence, but if you weren't expecting an update or if the update process seems to have stalled, it might mean that the update was not properly installed. Here are the steps to rectify this scenario:

Step 1: Assess the Situation

First, make sure to confirm whether an update is actually being performed. If the update wasn't initiated by you or doesn't seem to be progressing, it might indicate an unsuccessful update.

Step 2: Ensure Proper Connection

To avoid any interruptions during the update, make sure your Operator device is connected directly to your computer without the intervention of a USB hub or USB adapter. These peripherals can sometimes interfere with a stable connection between your Operator device and your computer, leading to update issues.

Step 3: Restart the Playback App

Disconnect the GB Operator from your computer and give the Playback app a fresh start. Often, restarting the app can clear any glitches that may have occurred during the update process. After restarting the app, reconnect your GB Operator to your computer and try initiating the update again.

Step 4: Try a Different Computer

If the update is still not successful, it is recommended to perform the update using a different computer. Sometimes, a fresh start on a different system can be the key to resolving the issue.


It's critical to note that disconnecting the device while an update is actively being performed can potentially lead to firmware corruption. If unsure about the status of the update, it's recommended to wait for at least 5 minutes before deciding to disconnect the device, to avoid any inadvertent disruption of the update process.


If the problem remains unresolved, we encourage you to engage with our technical support team. Please be prepared to provide details regarding your OS and computer setup to facilitate a smooth troubleshooting process.

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