Device LED Not Powering On

In the event that you're finding your Operator device's LED not lighting up, it could signal an issue where the power is not being adequately supplied to the device. This guide will assist you in identifying and resolving the issue, ensuring your device works optimally.

Check Your Playback App

First and foremost, check if your Playback app detects the Operator device. If detected, the issue is quite easy to solve. Here are the steps you can take:


  1. Launch the Playback app on your computer.
  2. Navigate to Settings, which can accessed by clicking on the e icon in the top-left corner of the Playback app.
  3. Once in Settings, find and click on Device Settings.
  4. Here, you will find a button labeled Static. Click on it to activate the LED light on your device.

However, if the Playback app doesn't recognize the device, it indicates that the device isn't receiving power. In such cases, you need to try the following troubleshooting steps.

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Different USB Cables: Switch to a different USB cable to check if the current one is faulty.
  2. Different USB Ports: Try connecting the device to various USB ports on your computer to rule out a faulty port.
  3. Avoid USB Hubs or Adaptors: These can sometimes prevent a proper connection. Always connect your device directly to the computer
  4. Test on a Different PC: Try connecting the GB Operator to it to see if the problem persists. This will help determine if the issue is with the device itself or your PC.

If your device LED still does not light up after following the above steps, it is possible that the LED or the device itself might be defective. We recommend you proceed to file a warranty request to have this investigated further. You can initiate this process by visiting the Warranty Request Page, and our support team will delve deeper to resolve the issue.



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