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Troubleshooting Steps


If you suspect that there's an issue with your Operator hardware, kindly follow the troubleshooting steps provided below in their entirety. Make sure to record the outcomes of these steps so that we can accurately identify the root cause of the problem.


  1. Make sure that the device is connected directly to your PC via a USB cable and not a USB hub or adaptor.
    • Hubs or adaptors can introduce connection issues or might not provide sufficient power for the device, which can cause malfunctions.
  2. Connect the device to different USB ports.
    • Some USB ports can malfunction or provide inconsistent power, leading to connectivity issues.
  3. Use a different USB cable.
    • USB cables can wear out over time or be faulty, leading to poor or no connection.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Playback app.
    • Outdated software may have bugs or incompatibilities that have been fixed in newer versions.
  5. Disconnect all other peripherals from your PC.
    • Other devices can sometimes conflict with the Operator, leading to connection or functionality issues.
  6. Close any background programs that might interfere with communication between the device and the PC.
    • Some background programs, especially those accessing USB or hardware resources, might cause conflicts or hog resources necessary for the Operator to function properly.
  7. Uninstall any streaming programs such as Parsec, restart your PC, and then open the Playback app.
    • Streaming programs can sometimes interfere with hardware communication, causing delays or malfunctions. You can re-install these programs later, but uninstalling is necessary to rule out this possible cause for interference.
  8. Check to see if the PC recognizes the connected device.
    • It's essential to know whether your PC can identify the Operator device. Please follow the instructions found in our Device Recognition Check article.
  9. Test the Operator on at least 2 computers.
    • This will help determine if the issue is with the device itself or if it's specific to your computer.


If none of the tests mentioned above resolved the issue, kindly file a Warranty Request and share the outcomes of the conducted tests.

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